Friday, February 1, 2013

No Buy Tips #2

More Handy-Dandy "No-Buy" Tips

3) Use Cash (or at least debit)- I have learned the hard way that credit cards are not my friend.  It is so easy to rack up debt when you don't actually see money trading hands or disappearing from your bank account.  While it may be tempting to pick up nail polishes because they are buy one get one half off, remember that you are not doing yourself (or your budget) any favors if you put the purchase on a credit card with a 26.88% APR and don't pay it off at the end of the month.  The best budgeting advice I can give is to only purchase items you can pay for then and there.  If you are trying to build your credit, pay the card off (all the way to $0) every. single. month.

4) Pick an End Date- All good things must come to an end, including a "no-buy."  It is unrealistic to say I will never purchase cosmetics or clothing again.  However, saying I won't purchase them for a month is an attainable goal that will leave me with a sense of accomplishment.  In my case, I feel so good about my January "no-buy" that I have decided to extend it for a couple more months.

5) Shop Your Stash-  There are certainly products within my makeup collection and closet that I gravitate toward more than others.  A "no-buy" is the perfect opportunity to take a second look at things you already own and give those pieces some time to shine.  I found myself going back to some old favorites (hello, NYX lip glosses) and finding some stuff I had forgotten I even owned.  In particular, as I rooted through my wardrobe, I found clothes that had never been worn!  I reorganized and decided that if I haven't worn any of the seasonal items within six months, I will sell or donate them.

6) Take a Picture with Your Phone- Just like with clothes or jewelry, it is easy to forget just how much makeup you actually have if you are not looking at it everyday.  I like to be super organized and have all my makeup stored in neat containers for easy access.  However, this means I don't actually see my collection unless I am using it.  During my "no-buy," I took each category of makeup out and photographed it with my phone.  It was a great opportunity for me to see just how much stuff I own (who needs 53 nail polishes?!?!), and it will also stop me from purchasing a third or fourth bright red lipstick next time I am at the drugstore.

Current Lipstick Collection (excludes glosses)
Tomorrow, I will post my final "no-buy" tips.  Have you tried any of the above tips?  Did they work for you?

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  1. Such a great idea! As beauty/fashion bloggers we definitely all have a certain amount of pressure to buy, which may force people into debts or more debts than they already are. I need to look through my stash too, I'm sure I'm going to find loads of amazing goodies hidden away :-) xoxo

    1. Thanks! I am sure you do have plenty of goodies hidden away :) Have fun revisiting some old favorites!