Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Favorite Red Lipsticks- Under $6 Each!!!

Hey Girls,

Who doesn't love to occasionally rock a statement lip?  When that statement lip is under $6, what is not to love?  Here are three of my favorite drugstore options:

L to R: Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate in 111 Kiss of Life, Wet 'N Wild  Megalast Lipstick in 911 DStoplight Red, NYX Round Case Lipstick in 569 Snow White
L to R:  Kiss of Life, Stoplight Red, Snow White

All of the pictures below show the lipsticks without liner or lipgloss.  

Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate- 111 Kiss of Life ($5.49)

I love the original Kate Moss lipsticks from Rimmel, and so far, the collection of mattes does not disappoint either.  Kiss of Life is an orangey-red with a pleasant fruity scent.  I think it is more of a satin finish than a true matte, but it is a beautiful color that would work on a variety of skin tones.  Of the three, Kiss of Life lasted the longest on me.

Kiss of Life with Flash

Kiss of Life without Flash

Without Flash
Wet N Wild Megalast Lipstick- 911D Stoplight Red ($1.99)

I am a huge fan of Wet N Wild.  Everything is under $5, and the quality on most products is great.  In general, the Megalast lipsticks have a very dry formula, so I definitely recommend a lip balm under this lipstick or a lipgloss on top of it.  That said, the color payoff is amazing.  The swatch at the top is just one swipe!  This is a true red, and it is definitely bold.  The price is so right for a color that won't be worn everyday but definitely creates an impact when you do wear it!  This lipstick has a nice shine and no smell.  It does smear, so definitely opt for a liner.  Jordana Easyliner in Sedona Red is my personal favorite :)

Stoplight Red without Flash

Stoplight Red with Flash

Stoplight Red with Flash - The shine is so pretty!

Without Flash- Smiling it up for you :)
NYX Round Case Lipstick in 569 Snow White ($3.99)

Snow White is definitely the darkest of the three.  The color payoff with the NYX Round Case Lipsticks is insane. This is a gorgeous deep lipstick with a mostly matte finish.  It does have a bit of an odd minty smell in the tube, but once it is on the lips, it is not noticeable.  Snow White wears well and fades evenly.  For $3.99, it is a steal!

Snow White without Flash

Snow White with Flash

Smilling (No Flash)
Alright girls, those are my faves!  You can have them all for less than the price of a movie ticket :) What are your favorite affordable red lipstick options?  Have your tried any of these?

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  1. gorgeous shades, red looks great on you! I havent tried the Kate Moss 111, but I do love shade 107 it's one of my favourite reds :) I wish Wet n Wild and Nyx were easier to get hold of in the UK, both these two look so pretty x


    1. The Kate Moss lipsticks are so great! I will have to look into 107.

  2. These are such pretty colours!

  3. Not sure if I could pull these colors off, but they look fantastic on you! Thanks for visiting my blog!

    1. Thank you! You have a lovely blog :)

  4. I love Red lipsticks, I have so many! Haha lovely post! I would really appreciate it if you could check out my blog...


    Chloe xx