Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Feeling of Accomplishment

Hello Girls,

I don't regularly watch QVC, but I have tuned in a time or two and receive occasional e-mails about cosmetic products.  Yesterday, when I looked in my inbox, there was a message from QVC about this amazing Tarte kit. 

Picture from QVC
I LOVE Tarte's blushes and eyeshadows, and I would like to try more of the line. This kit seems perfect because I really want to try the foundation (reg. $38), and all the products are full-size!  Prior to my "no-buy," I would have been all over that in no time flat!

BUT... I took a step back and really thought about the purchase.  I don't need foundation.  I am currently working my way through two different ones.  I definitely don't need blush, even if it is gorgeous and makes me ready for summer.  The lipstick looks great, and bloggers and YouTubers are already raving about the formula.  That was hard to pass up, but again, I don't need it.  I already have 38 tubes of lipstick.  As for the mascara, I am not a huge fan of Lights, Camera, Lashes, so I don't expect I would be blown away by Lights, Camera, Flashes!  Finally, the brush is so cute (but I already have a ton of brushes),  and the brow thingy would be a rarely used item for me.

I decided to stick to my guns and skip the Tarte kit.  The best part is that I feel really good about it!  Less than two months ago, I would have whipped through the checkout without a second thought.  Now, I am much more hesitant to lay down my hard earned cash on products I don't need.  I am really proud of myself, and I think that is a feeling that will last much longer than the instant high of a new purchase!

Have you ladies done anything you are proud of lately?  Let me know! 

In other news, I went to my second bellydancing class last night. I am definitely feeling it today, but in a good way :)

Also, if you need any of the above products and love Tarte, here is the link:$uslarge$

Talk Soon,


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  1. I wish Tarte was available in UK! It looks so good:(