Monday, January 14, 2013

New City DOs and DON'Ts

Hey Girls,

In honor of my little sis moving to a new city, today's post will be a list of city DO's and DON'Ts.  Feel free to add your own in the comments!

DO be realistic about your budget.  City living isn’t cheap, and it is not abnormal to experience sticker shock when moving to a new place.  Be mindful of how much you have to spend and create a budget that allows for savings, emergencies and a few of life’s little indulgencies.  You can likely spring for that fancy pastry or a new pair of shoes, but you can’t do it every day.  Make your money count!
DO become a “joiner.”  Join clubs, activities and classes that interest you.  One of the easiest ways to make friends in a new place is by finding other people who enjoy the same things you enjoy.  Try out to find groups of people who share your interests.
DO explore.  It’s a new place where everything is new to you!  Get out and see what your new city has to offer.  From museums to music, the sights and sounds of your new city are waiting to be explored.
DO research public transit.  It is inexpensive, it is environmentally friendly, and there is no traffic.  Just make sure you have a general idea of how the system works before hitting the streets.
DON’T spend all your free time at home.  Aside from your roommates, you won’t meet anyone sitting on your couch.  It can be tempting to stay in when you don’t know a lot of people.  However, you won’t know more people unless you make an effort to get out and meet them.
DON’T sink half your income into your living situation.  That brand new apartment in a great location is going to cost you serious money in the city.  Don’t be unrealistic about only eating crackers in order to afford your luxurious digs.  Find a housing option that is realistic for you, even if it means a roommate or a place further out of the city than you had hoped.  Your wallet will thank you.
DON’T be scared to try new things.  New food, new music, listening to spoken word… The city has so much to offer!  Learn to say yes to invites you might normally turn down.  That cute Vietnamese restaurant your coworker invites you to could end up being your favorite lunch spot!
DON’T forget to lock your car.  It seems like common sense, but you would be surprised how many people neglect to lock their vehicles.  Trust me, lock your car!
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