Sunday, December 9, 2012

Jordana Easyliner for Lips

Hello Lovely Ladies,

I am not a big lip liner gal, but I recently decided to give them a try.  I didn't want to invest a ton of money in a product I am not sure I will use, so I decided to try Jordana from my local Walgreens.

Pic from Amazon: Jordana Easyliner in Tawny
I chose the color Tawny because it was fairly neutral and would go with a wide array of lipsticks.  In particular, I needed something to pair with my Rimmel Kate lipstick in 08.  Tawny goes on smooth and blends easily.  It definitely does its job and keeps my lipstick where it is supposed to be.

These liners are retractable, so there is no sharpening.  The best part about Jordana liners is the price.  They are only $1.99!!!  Since Tawny works well and is so affordable, I think I will try more Jordana lip liners in the future.

Have you had a good experience with Jordana?  Which of their products do you recommend?

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  1. Hello,
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