Thursday, October 25, 2012

Little Black Bag #2

Hello Lovely Ladies,

I received my second Little Black Bag and was pleased with my items.  I did only get three items this time around, but I LOVE one of them.  Love!!!!

For a review on how LBB works, check out this post:

First up, is this adorable bag by Street Level.  This was my "must have" item for the month. 

Anyway, I love this bag.  It is so cute, the material feels good (not cheap at all), and it is different than any other bags I own.  It is very structured and seems like it will hold up well.  Plus, it can be carried as a shoulder bag or crossbody.  So cute and versatile!

Even the interior is adorable :)
According to LBB, this bag retails for $78.

Next up is this cosmetic case by Deux Lux.  It looks really cute, but it is not at all functional.  It is completely flat.  I could get three lip glosses in there, but it was a tight squeeze.  For as much room as this pouch would take up in a purse or bookbag, I will store my lip glosses elsewhere, thank you very much.

LBB values this at $22.

Finally, we have these faux pearl earrings by Kenneth Jay Lane.  I like them a lot and will probably get a good bit of use out of them.  They are not something I feel like I would gravitate toward if I were out shopping, but they're nice to have.
The look good with my hair down.

And they look good with my hair up!
These retail for $28.

Final thoughts, I love my handbag, but I can probably find one elsewhere that I like just as much for less than $50.  The other items are nice bonuses, but I am not blown away by them.

This will probably be my last month doing LBB for a while.  I like the concept a lot, and I may go back to it in the future.  For now, I will enjoy the items I have and spend my $50 elsewhere each month.

What are you thoughts on my items?  On LBB in general?

Let me know in the comments <3

Talk Soon,


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  1. This was a great post! I have used LBB and I totally agree. Keep up the good work! :)