Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sober September and LUSH

Good Morning All,

I am going without alcohol for the entire month of September.  I am *trying* to do Weight Watchers, and hopefully, this will help.  Over the weekend, I drank way too much, and I am still trying to recover.  Bleh.

On another note, I am heading to the gym today for the first time in a while, and I Metro-d to work instead of driving.  Baby steps :)

Aside for the abuse my poor body took this weekend with the drinking, staying up too late, etc, I did squeeze some pampering in there.  I took a lovely bath using the Twilight bath bomb from Lush.  I loved it, and I can't wait to try more Lush products.  I am currently using the Ro's argan body conditioner, and I am not a fan.  I find it greasy, and while I love the smell, it is not worth the film left on my skin or the slipperyness of my shower post-use.  Have you tried the body conditioner?  What other Lush products should I try?

Later Gators!



  1. Hi! First off, I love how real you are in this blog. It is very easy to relate to! Anyways, I have tried some Lush products but not too many. I will def be trying more in the future! Good luck with not drinking and the WW. Keep us posted girl! :)

    1. Thanks, Snow White! I will definitely keep you in the loop.