Tuesday, September 18, 2012

LUSH Bath Melt- Happy Blooming (and Review)

Hey Girls,

I am back from my weekend trip and working my way through another week.  I have been feeling a bit stressed lately and decided to give myself an evening of pampering.  I went to Lush to find the right bath product for my night of indulgence.

The result?  I purchased a bath melt in Happy Blooming (below):

Just looking at this baby makes me smile!

I am eager to try it tonight and will report back to you girls tomorrow.  What is your favorite Lush treat?

Also this week, stay tuned for a cute craft project, some fall outfit essentials and a review of my favorite blush at the moment (bonus: it is $3!!!).

Talk Soon,


UPDATE:  I tried this last night, and I really liked it.  I wouldn't say it is my favorite bath melt from Lush (that would probably be Dreamtime), but it had a nice scent that hung around for the entire bath.  It also turned my water pink-ish and made my skin feel super smooth.  I mixed it with half of a Sakura bath bomb that I had laying around.  Sakura is definitely not my favorite, but combined with the Happy Blooming, I enjoyed the cherry scents and felt very relaxed.  I would not say Happy Blooming is a must have, but it is a fun one to try.  Plus, you can use it three times.  Score!


  1. I absolutely love the comforter bubble bar and the space girl bath bombs! Great blog,btw! Following :)


  2. Thanks! I will have to try the Comforter. I feel like I look at it every time I am in Lush, and I always end up going with something else :)