Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Crazy Cheap, Beautiful Blush

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So, I am not really a fan of most ELF products.  I haven't tried the whole line, but I have dabbled with concealers, eye shadows and highlighters with no success.  When I saw rave reviews from some of my favorite YouTube beauty gurus, I was still a bit skeptical.  But for $3, I decided to give it a shot.

Boy, I am SO glad I did!

First, I purchased Fushia Fusion.  Some bloggers have compared it to NARS Super Orgasm (and it is heavily apparent that ELF copied the NARS packaging), but I find Fushia Fusion to be a brighter pink than NARS Super Orgasm.  It really pops on the cheeks and creates a natural, healthy looking glow.  Plus, this blush stays on all day!  The only drawback is that it is a bit of a glitter bomb, so you may end up with glitter on both your checks and below them.

After my success with Fushia Fusion, I decided to give another ELF blush a try.  This time, I chose Twinkle Pink.  It is a more muted pink and has a lot less glitter.  Again, the staying powder is awesome, but this one did require a bit more building. 

For the price, ELF Studio blush is a must-try!  Do you have any other recommendations for ELF products I should try?

Note: I also have the blush/brozer duo (St. Lucia), which is considered a close match to the Laguna/Orgasm version from NARS.  I really like the blush in that set; however, I find the bronzer to be too dark for my skintone.  If you have medium to dark skin, definitely give that one a try.  It is worth $3 for the blush alone!

ELF Blushes are available from Target or ELF cosmetics:

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