Monday, March 4, 2013

Smashbox O Gloss Gold

Hello Lovelies,

In general, I am not a huge lipgloss fan.  I find them sticky and would prefer a balm or a lipstick.  However, I got a lip sampler for Christmas, so I have been trying out some different products.

Smashbox O Gloss Gold is a shimmery lipgloss that makes your lips super shiny and creates a somewhat ethereal feel.  It is described as an "intuitive" lipgloss that goes from gold to a peach shade on the lips.

Personally, I am not a huge fan of this gloss.  It is almost metalic looking on the lips, and I find it distracting.  Plus, the hefty price tag ($23) at Sephora is a turn off for me.  It is cheaper on Amazon, but I will not be repurchasing the product.

Before Gloss
With Gloss
Have you tried O Gloss Gold?  Did you have a better experience than me?

Talk Soon,



  1. I too wasn't overly impressed with this product and i would definitely not re-perches it!